Personal Safety Education

Be Empowered! for Teens (#1002)

Helping teenagers know their bodies, trust their gut instincts and be their own advocates when it comes to personal safety.

EMPOWER ME! Abuse Prevention Education Kit (#1018)

This kit is designed to help facilitate those important conversations so kids can walk around smart, not scared. Designed for youth-serving organizations, schools, and faith-based organizations.

Empower Me! My Safety Rules (#1005)

Just as seatbelt safety, fire safety and bicycle safety are important lessons for growing children, so are conversations about the safety of their own bodies.

Family Safety Night (#1006)

Turn the sometimes hard and serious conversations about personal safety into a fun evening with your family. This brochure outlines five topics for discussion, and ideas for creating activities kids will enjoy.

Halloween Safety Night (#1007)

Have a safe and “spooktacular” night of trick-or-treating

My Rules for Safety (#1011)

The goal is for youth and parent to identify and write down five trusted adults the child can go to for help, read the personal safety rules, and sign to agree to follow those rules.

Put Safety First This Holiday Season (#1008)

Keep families safe at a crowded shopping mall or at home during break

Talking About Touches ENGLISH (#1028-E)

When it comes to body safety, touches are never a secret. This brochure helps you talk to your child about touches in a way that isn't scary or that makes them uncomfortable.

Thinking About Running Away? (#1001)

For anyone who is having thoughts of running away, this brochure sends a very important message-help is available-and provides a list of resources and contact information.

What if...? Conversation Starters (#1017)

Play "what if...?" games to spark conversations with kids while you are in the car, at the store or during any other shared time.